Success Stories

Multi-national Professional Services Firm

A reputed professional services firm, with a strong international presence, engaged Konnagar to help prepare themselves for a potential Oracle Audit. Konnagar analysed the extensive contracts, encompassing all related entities and global data-centres, and established a compliance position that could be effectively negotiated with Oracle. Licensing pitfalls related to VMWare on Oracle, to the tune of £3M worth of potential savings, were identified and duly managed.

British Aviation Company

A low-cost British Aviation Company, operating mainly in Europe and Africa, wasted no time in engaging Konnagar following receipt of a formal Audit Letter from Oracle. Before sharing any data with Oracle, Konnagar helped verify the true compliance position and identify potential licensing pitfalls. Over £5 Million worth of potential financial risk was discovered around Virtualisation, DR and other areas, and the customer was advised accordingly.

International Retail Business

An international Japanese retail business, with a global presence, was finding it difficult to efficiently negotiate with Oraclew during a contractual audit, involving Oracle technology and E-Business Suite. Konnagar was asked to engage in the middle of the audit, and we assisted with commercial debates and negotiation on intricate mapping and licensing rules, thereby reducing a potential non-compliance bill from around £2.5M to only £77K.

Global Retail Chain

This prestigious UK-based global retail chain engaged Konnagar to assist with discovering, measuring and declaring their Oracle products in use during the certification process of their 5-year ULA that comprised over 5000 servers, 200 products and 25 license metrics. We also helped create an Oracle License Dashboard so that the client was able to internally trade their licenses between business divisions and also manage compliance.

Government Project

This substantial project was around a 4-Year £20M Government ULA, involving 60 public-sector organisations. Once the ULA was certified, Oracle initiated a full-blown audit to establish the declared units and also identify potential unlicensed installations. Konnagar helped with the ULA certification, managing the contractual audit, SWOT analysis of the complex contracts, and creating an Oracle Asset Management function for the public bodies to trade licenses internally.

Reputed Lottery Company

Konnagar assisted a top-tier UK-based Lottery Company in shielding from a contractual Oracle License Audit, where Oracle found an apparent exposure of £3M from unlicensed installations and also over-usage of existing entitlements. Konnagar re-examined the Oracle license estate and also the LMS script outputs and then formulated a defense strategy to bring down the potential exposure to less that 10% of the original findings.

Private Utility Company

A Public Water Supply company was in midst of an Oracle audit, when Konnagar was called in to check the usage data first before sharing with Oracle. We analysed their contracts, verified the support renewals, assessed the script outputs and provided valuable advisory in order to mitigate any potential licensing pitfalls. Engaging us resulted in an early conclusion of the audit, resulting in a “compliant” status.

International Broadcasting Organisation

Anxious about a probable Oracle audit, an International Broadcasting Organisation sought assistance to gather an understanding of any exposures that may exist between their Oracle deployments and license entitlements. Konnagar identified rogue applications, expired users and unused environments that were unnecessarily consuming Oracle licenses to the tune of £5M, which otherwise had to be disbursed as non-compliance revenue in an official Oracle audit.

Major Transportation Business

Already pricked by a previous Oracle audit, a reputed UK-based Large Transportation Business included Oracle Software Optimisation as part of their annual initiative towards good governance and IT compliance. Konnagar, appointed to act on this, assisted with scrutinizing all environments and planning capacity optimisation to the very detail, thereby making available a spare count of Oracle licenses worth $2M, which could be better utilised in other projects without further investments.

Large Agriculture Company

Konnagar assisted a Large Agriculture Company in reviewing their mid-sized Oracle license estate, before they wanted to consider procuring more Oracle licenses for an upcoming project. Upon reviewing and optimisation of Oracle license usage, related Oracle licenses were squeezed in from the current usage without affecting compliance, and that reduced their next investment by around £1.5M. A set of unlicensed installations was also discovered, and the position was rectified accordingly.

Natural Gas & Electric Utility Provider

Konnagar was sub-contracted to record the usage of Oracle Technology Programs (Database, Middleware) utilized as part of a 5-year Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) before declaring the usage as part of the ULA certification process. We also assisted with providing support and management of the Oracle LMS analysis requirements in all areas, including interpreting LMS script outputs, document findings and prepared a neat ULA certification that was acceptable to Oracle.

Leading Medical Equipment Supplier

A reputed Medical Equipment Supplier, comprising over 2500 Oracle servers, asked Konnagar to review and verify the usage data that was obtained from a major SAM tool. After a close scrutiny, we identified gaps not only in the way the data was discovered but also inconsistencies around how it was crunched to uncover hardware count, virtualisation, batching and multiplexing, thereby resulting in an unreported gap of around £4M worth of Oracle licenses.

Century-old Cleaning Solutions Company

A Cleaning Solutions Company of global repute engaged Konnagar (as a sub-contractor) to provide Oracle License Management Expertise to mitigate the financial and IT risk to the organisation. Konnagar performed an in-depth analysis on the way Oracle products was being used, deep-dived into the complicated licensing areas, identified existing pitfalls and potential disputes, and developed strategies beyond the traditional gap analysis reporting of a typical license audit.

FTSE 250 Digital Rights Business

A prominent UK-based Digital Rights Business, after they were fully audited by Oracle, engaged Konnagar to review the final audit report and provide a second opinion about their Oracle compliance position. We deep dived into the customer’s manual OSW declaration along with analysing the script outputs and interpreting the contracts, and challenged the ways in which Oracle had analysed the script outputs, thereby resulting in savings worth over £1M

Global Banking Solution Provider

When Oracle approached this Global Banking Solution Provider for an E-Business Suite audit only, they found inconsistencies in how the application modules were being used. When Oracle Sales had already handed over a non-compliance bill to the customer, Konnagar was asked to verify the position. We looked at every single “allegedly non-compliant” application user accessing the modules and formulated defence strategies to bring the non-compliance to one-eighth of its original value.

Principal Pension Scheme Company

Konnagar was engaged for 2 weeks by a prominent Pension Scheme Company to assist with providing clarity about whether they were using their Oracle entitlements in line with the Oracle Licensing Best Practices. The company was heavily using VMWare in its Oracle estate, and would fall into the common licensing pitfalls if Oracle were to audit tomorrow. Our valuable advice saved the client on several ££ Millions even in a mid-sized Oracle estate.

Major Supplier of Adhesives & Sealants

When already held non-compliant in a “concluded” Oracle Audit for unlicensed DB Options installations, Konnagar was brought in by a major Adhesive Supplier as the last line of defense before paying the final bill. We assisted the customer by revisiting their Oracle usage and identified areas where the script output could be interpreted either way. We successfully defended 90% of the identified non-compliance by explicating the script output in a way that benefits the customer.

Financials Solutions Provider (UK)

As the Oracle ELA (Enterprise License Agreement) was coming to an end, our client a reputed Financials Solutions Provider was quick to engage Konnagar towards establishing the license compliance position following the deadline date. Konnagar assessed their then current Oracle license estate, and discovered that their non-production environments were excluded from the agreement and would amount to around £3M in non-compliance value following the cut-off date.

Regional Constabulary Service

Konnagar engaged with a UK-based Local Constabulary Service to provide an independent license assessment in order to find out why their licensing liability appeared to be 50% higher than the rest of the Police Forces that were included in the Oracle Enterprise Agreement. We found out that the customer has managed poorly Oracle on VMWare, and also identified support costs re Oracle products that have never been used or shelved.

Large Supermarket Chain

A UK-based Large Supermarket Chain engaged Konnagar (as a sub-contractor) to assist with their ULA declaration following consumption of 180 Oracle products on around 3500 servers over a 5-year term. Konnagar assisted with discovering Oracle usage from all nooks of the customer’s software license estate, and identified (a) Oracle unlicensed installations of DB Options to the tune of £7M list price, and (b) unorganised Oracle licensing in a VMWare estate.

Local Borough Council

This was a general Oracle license health-check for a London-based Borough Council with small Oracle estate running only 5 Oracle Oracle products over 12 servers. Konnagar assisted with analysing their contracts, verifying their legitimate entitlements and running scripts to uncover unlicensed installations. We also advised on migration of older products and license metrics to the most recent ones, with an ROI analysis to receive the best value from their investment in Oracle.

Major Car Park Operator

Konnagar was engaged by a UK-based Major Car Park Operator in the middle of a license audit, involving Oracle technology and E-Business Suite, as initiated by one of Oracle’s official audit partners. We challenged the audit partner’s understanding towards interpreting the LMS script output and hence their identifying Oracle usage which was far more than actual, and thereby eventually brought down the potential non-compliance by over £500,000.

Reputed Research University

Konnagar (as a sub-contractor) engaged with a UK-based Reputed Research University to verify the yield from an Oracle LMS verified tool. Konnagar assisted the customer by interpreting the tool output in a way that assisted the customer in making large financial savings. Oracle accepted our understanding of the output data, and the customer was able to maintain exemplary governance and also avoid any backlash from license non-compliance.

Executive Government Agency

Konnagar (as a sub-contractor) assisted an Executive Government Agency in the UK towards establishing a compliance position for its BEA products. The customer’s BEA contracts were customised, license metrics were historical and old licensing rules were applicable from the pre-Oracle acquisition era. We advised the customer on how the Virtualisation and Adiasater Recovery rules were different from the new BEA customers and the general Do’s and Dont’s to avoid non-compliance.

IT Compliance Provider

A reputed Europe-based IT Compliance Provider was catering to the SAM market for most of the major software vendors, except Oracle and they approached Konnagar towards helping them develop an Oracle License Tool, an Oracle Asset Management Program and an Oracle Contracts Management System. Konnagar assisted them the with the knowledge and algorithm towards developing the process and tool for which the customer will now be pursuing certification from Oracle.

Regional Water-Supply Company

This UK-based Regional Water-Supply Company was unsuccessfully negotiating with Oracle to reduce non-compliance on Oracle Technology (Database, Middleware, Options) and also on Oracle E-Business Suite, following a long and arduous audit. At this point, Konnagar was sub-contracted by the customer’s IT Infrastructure Provider to develop an Audit Defense Strategy and we successfully advised the customer on flaws within the audit report, resulting in savings of over £250,000.

Scottish Utility Company

Konnagar was sub-contracted by a Scottish Utility Company to ensure meticulous declaration of its Oracle usage at the end of their 5-year Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) that comprised over 150 Oracle products across Database, Middleware and others. Konnagar successfully assisted the customer to declare the ULA towards “certification” and also uncovered unlicensed installations to the tune of £3M that could otherwise pose as potential non-compliance in the event of a formal audit.

Oracle License Training and Workshops

Through trainings and workshops on Effective Oracle License Management, Konnagar has extensively helped Oracle customers worldwide to gain a solid understanding of the general Oracle licensing rules, potential pitfalls and how to effectively read and interpret Oracle Contracts. The idea is to equip the internal team (DBA, IT Manager, Application Developer, Other Stakeholders) of an organisation to successfully control Oracle license compliance and avoid the general pitfalls, and also initiate and self-manage an internal license audit by themselves. Some of the global customers who Konnagar has assisted with Oracle License Trainings and Workshops are as below: