Oracle Licensing Training

Oracle Licence Training

About Oracle Licence Training Course

This Oracle Licensing course has been specially designed to equip IT Managers and Software Asset Managers with the requisite knowledge to keep their Oracle license estate tidy, free-from-ambiguity and fit-for-audit at all times. Save yourself from the large unbudgeted non-compliance bill !

  1. Are you trained enough to Fully Understand the Oracle Licensing Pitfalls ?
  2. Are you Qualified enough to Wholly Optimise your Oracle License Estate ?
  3. Are you Confident enough to Defend a Contractually-Enforced Oracle Audit ?

If your answer is NO to any of the above, we offer ‘specialist’, ‘interactive’ and ‘intensive’ training courses on Oracle License & Contracts Management, with an objective to help you self-manage your Oracle License Estate. The training curriculum can be customised to suit your specific need, and the knowledge imparted in the course is critical to addressing the key issues and risks in Oracle Licensing.



  • IT Managers
  • Contracts Professionals
  • Procurement Managers
  • Vendor Managers
  • SAM Practitioners
  • Software Licensing Consultants
  • Database Administrators
  • Application Developers

Course Schedule:

  • 09.30 am
  • 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
  • 12.30 – 1 pm
  • 13:00 pm – 4.30 pm
  • Registration
  • Morning Session
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon session

Course Contents:


Part 1: General Understanding
  • Overview on Oracle Licensing
  • Types of IT Architecture
  • Database Terminologies
  • Oracle Compliance Policy
  • Oracle Audit Clause
  • Highest and Lowest Risks, leading to Oracle Audit
  • General Queries during an Oracle License Audit
  • Potential Financial Implication of an Oracle Audit
  • Clever Ways to Mitigate Risks of Non-Compliance
  • How to fill-in an Official Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW)
  • Comprehending an Oracle Price List
  • Oracle License Prerequisites and Inclusions
  • How to decipher an Official Oracle License Grants Report
  • Practise Examples – Oracle Licensing Scenarios A & B
  • Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)
Part 3: Environment-Specific Licensing
  • Oracle Disaster Recovery Environments
  • Oracle Data Transfer Environments
  • Oracle Technology Hosting
  • Oracle Licensing for Clustering Purposes
  • Oracle Licensing for Batching and Multiplexing
  • Licensing Implications of Virtualisation
  • Licensing implication of Hard- and Soft-Partitioning
  • Implications of VMware on Oracle Licensing
  • Implications of Multi-Core Processors on Licensing
  • Licensing Oracle in a Cloud Environment
  • Server Platform Table for Licensing Computations
  • Hard Partitioning with Oracle VM
  • SUN Server Partitioning for Oracle Licensing
  • IBM Server Partitioning for Oracle Licensing
  • HP Server Partitioning for Oracle Licensing
Part 2: Oracle Specific
  • Oracle Database Types
  • Oracle Database Versions & Editions
  • Oracle License Metrics & Types
  • Oracle Licensing Prerequisites
  • Oracle Licensing Minimums
  • Implications of Threading on Oracle Licensing
  • Licensing Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Licensing Oracle Database Standard Edition / One
  • Licensing Oracle Database Options
  • Licensing Oracle Database Management Packs
  • Licensing Oracle BEA Weblogic
  • Licensing Oracle E-Business Suite
Part 4: Contracts Management
  • Oracle Master Agreement (OMA)
  • Oracle Ordering Document
  • Oracle License Migrations and Upgrades
  • Different Statuses of License Support
  • OPN Membership and Restricted-Use Licenses
  • Types of Oracle Distribution Agreements
  • Oracle Matching Service Levels Policy
  • Oracle Technical Support Policies
  • Oracle Compliance Policy & Audit Clause


After Course Completion:

At the end of the course completion, the training attendee will understand the Best Practices and General Pitfalls as related to Oracle License and Contracts Management. A ‘Certificate of Participation’ is provided.


Past Customers:

Some of the global customers who we have assisted with Oracle License Training :

  • Global SAM Supplier (Sweden)
  • Leading ITAM Provider (USA)
  • Global IT Merchandiser (USA)
  • Independent Mobile-Phone Retailer (UK)
  • Large Mutual Life & Pensions Company (UK)
  • Multinational Oil & Gas Company(UK)
  • Reputed Software House (UK)
  • Independent Regulator of Health Services (UK)
  • Local Government Council (UK)
  • Multinational Pharmaceutical Company (UK)
  • Global Credit Insurance Company (UK)




Sibaji is fantastic with expert knowledge of Oracle Licensing. He simplifies the technology and impacts the licensing tricks and I am extremely happy with value I got. Sibaji experience is excellent!

-SAM and Software Licensing Specialist (Independent – UK)

Sibaji is very knowledgeable regarding Oracle licencing and his approach to training ensures that the knowledge is transferred in a concise and effective manner. He is very personable and will go that extra mile to deliver results.

— IT Vendor Manager (Mobile Phone Retailer – UK)

Sibaji offers a wealth of Oracle knowledge, has strong analytical skills and can communicate complex rules in a clear, calm approach to others who have varying levels of SAM or Oracle licensing experience.

— Project Manager (IT Asset Management Company – UK)