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Oracle License Scorecard

Oracle License Scorecard

Unsure about Oracle Non-Compliance ?

Most Oracle customers are unsure whether they, with their current utilisation, may be exposed to Oracle license non-compliance or not. While an Oracle compliance position may not, most definitively, be determined without an in-depth scrutiny of the license estate; however on the other hand, the probability of potential license anomalies, leading to a substantial financial risk, can certainly be derived from factors that have been well-known to historically drive customers towards non-compliance in the past. We also provide you an Entitlements Record and Contracts Review.

Oracle License Scorecard

No Time or Budget ?

It is understandable that many Oracle customers may not be outright willing to invest in a ‘broad’ Oracle Optimisation program without assessing the risk factors that may potentially drive non-compliance in the first place. This ‘withdrawal symptom’ may be due to lack of will, budget, time, resources or vision. Although any of these will certainly not deter Oracle from issuing an audit letter in the near future, we can assist customers assess the Oracle license risk-profile arising from medium- and high-level critical factors.

Oracle License Scorecard

What is it ?

The ‘Oracle License Scorecard’ provides a comprehensive view for your top managers outlining the evident licensing hazards and contractual snags to your organisation, that could paralyze your future negotiation powers with the vendor; and also strives to estimate the potential financial risk from current entitlements and historical evidence. The Scorecard service is for a nominal investment, and the objective is to engage with the customer through a survey funnel, including interviews and questionnaires, that will effectively reveal the loop-holes that the customer may have to face if a formal audit were to happen soon. As we travel through the observer’s conduit, the different licensing and contractual pitfalls are identified and reported.

Oracle License Scorecard

How We Can Help

Our ‘Oracle License Scorecard’ is a highly focussed program, designed over many years of experience, engagements and customer history. The scope of this ‘advanced’ Scorecard approach exceeds the scope of any basic or traditional performance measurements, and links the financial goals of the enterprise with the drivers that determine the outcomes for future success. If threats are identified, we can deep dive and use our extensive experience to do what’s needed to be done in your favour. Come, speak to us; We will help you assess an Oracle license risk-profile.

Oracle License Scorecard

Why Konnagar ?

Konnagar’s unique offering “Oracle License Scorecard” and its derivatives is a representation of financial and non-financial measures each compared to a ‘target’ value, that successfully leads to license compliance. The License Scorecard is not meant to be a replacement for a detailed compliance analysis, but a succinct and quick summary that captures the information most relevant to assess the risk factors potentially leading to high revenue leakage from license non-compliance. Our ‘License Scorecard’ analysis and report creation typically takes around 3 days, depending on the size and complexity of the Oracle license estate.


Sibaji delivered a two day Advanced Oracle Licensing Workshop, which was attended by the SAM Team, Procurement and IT. Sibaji’s knowledge provided the AZ team with a deep insight into Oracle’s licensing models and proved invaluable for the AZ Team in better understanding its options on its current Oracle DB ULA. The return on investment from the workshop can only be described as “significant”. I would highly recommend any organisation struggling to understand its Oracle estate to invest in this workshop.

— Global SAM Lead (Multinational Pharmaceutical Company – UK)