Oracle License Review

Oracle Licence Review

Optimise for Better RoI

Whether you dread the unpleasant outcome from an Oracle License Audit or not, there is always the financial threat from the possible failure of fully optimising your Oracle license estate. This threat can be attributed to general reasons like choosing the wrong hardware platform, slip-ups in virtualisation, not considering licensable environments, enabling unlicensed installations, and many more.

Oracle Licence Review

Why Wait Until the Audit ?

Having a fully optimised license estate and a “ready” compliance report in advance of a contractual Oracle audit will make your organisation a much less attractive target for audit. It will shield you against any uncertain revenue leakage and will save your company from potential financial burden caused due to the license deficit and operational hassles arising out of an unexpected Oracle license audit.

Oracle Licence Review

The risk can be double-edged !

The perils of financial risk from lack of Oracle license optimisation is double-edged, meaning it can arise from both over-usage or under-utilisation of the Oracle entitlements. By performing an analysis of your Oracle entitlements, deployment practices and utilization, we evaluate your Oracle asset position, identify areas of risk, and provide expert recommendations.

Oracle Licence Review

How We Can Help

Our standard Oracle License Review comprises the following stages:

  • Usage Review – Assistance in declaring and discovering the Oracle software installations in active use, through Capacity Plans, Scripts, Interviews and Questionnaire.
  • Allowance Study – Contractual entitlement is scrutinized, including suitability of license metrics, product levels, pertinent restrictions, and other critical elements.
  • Contracts Analysis – All archived records, agreements and contracts are studied to discover non-standard clauses or negotiated terms that may influence compliance.
  • License Reconciliation – A risk-profile is created by matching the active license usage against the supported entitlements, along with general and specific considerations.
  • Conformity Advice – Delivery of detailed compliance report, highlighting areas of over- or under-utilisation, leading to an Effective Licence Position.

Oracle Licence Review

Why Konnagar ?

Our review services rely on effective discovery and information-sharing in order to ensure an in-depth inspection of your Oracle license estate. We make valuable recommendations on how to optimally utilize your Oracle entitlements. On a broader scale, Konnagar helps you control your risk and costs by managing your Oracle asset utilization.

We can also assist with creating an Oracle Asset Management Program or an Oracle License Dashboard that can be centrally managed and re-used over time. As organisational requirements and usage patterns change over time, it is recommended that the average Oracle customer should invest in an annual license review to eliminate financial risks and maximize utilisation of their Oracle assets.


Having worked with Sibaji on our licensing profile I would recommend working with him for his expertise in what is a difficult and complex area to understand. The work Sibaji completed has given me a good understanding of our current Oracle license profile. He comes highly recommended.

— IT Director (Global Optician Chain – UK)