Oracle License Migration

Oracle Licence Migration

What You Must Know

Customers who have purchased Oracle products during different periods, at different levels, and using different metrics may have the option to migrate or upgrade to a newer product, higher level or current metric, in line with Oracle’s business practices and license policies.

Oracle’s pricing has evolved greatly over the past years to make sure that Oracle licensing closely tracks the use and value of the software in the current business environment. It is Oracle’s objective to move all existing customers to the current license model. However, not every Oracle recommendation may be in customer’s favour or best interest.

Oracle Licence Migration

To Change or Not to Change

With the evolution of newer IT environments, many customers have encountered significant license management issues with older license models. So, Oracle encourages customers to move to current license models. On the other hand, if the customer’s IT environments have not changed since he originally procured those licenses, he is in compliance with his existing licenses and there is no major need for him to move to Oracle current license models, then he may choose to retain his existing licenses without modifications.

Unfortunately, we still find customers who overlook these financial risks and believe in the bundled buying strategy to get the best discounts for products (as part of the larger deal) that they will probably never ever use. Most customers fall into the trap of not knowing their buying options and trying to negotiating higher discounts on a larger deal comprising products that are not needed in the foreseeable future, thereby unnecessarily inflating the annual maintenance costs.

Oracle Licence Migration

How We Can Help

Waiting for the end of the financial year-end might not always be the best idea, especially if the commercial deal value is not considered “large enough” by Oracle and its sales reps. Organizations should treat Oracle negotiations as projects and must ensure that all possible bases are well-understood and covered.

License Migration
Means of contractually modifying an end user’s Oracle license purchased under older license metrics to take full advantage of current license metrics.

Ratio Migration
Where the customer receives no additional functionality while moving to the new product; possible when a migration ratio can be established to convert from the old licensing model to the new licensing model.

List-List Migration
Used in situations where there exists a list license price for both the migrated and the existing configurations.

Net-Net Migration
Used in situations where the migrated product has significantly more functionality than the original product or a numeric relationship cannot be established between the existing and current licensing metrics.

Cross Product Line Migration
A special case of migration which allows the customer to migrate between any two product lines.

License Upgrade
A license upgrade is a special case of the license migration. It is a means of contractually changing an existing license from:

A more restrictive to a less restrictive level
A more limited functionality to a more expansive functionality
A shorter term to a longer term

License Metric Upgrade Allows a customer to move from a more restrictive to a less restrictive license and involves changing the customer’s licensing metric.

Oracle Licence Migration

Why Konnagar ?

We scrutinize your Oracle license estate in detail, and wherever applicable, we provide you with expert advice to incorporate the best possible migration or upgradation at zero-cost or minimum outgoing. The idea is to realise maximum returns on your previous investment in Oracle. Licenses that are being migrated must be under active support at the time of the migration.

We also assist with advisory on License Model Upgrade,License Metric Upgrade,License Type Upgrade,Product Upgrade and Term License Upgrade.Come, speak to us to know more about how we can help you get the best value from your existing or old Oracle license estate.


Sibaji’s experience and excellent knowledge in the convoluted world of Oracle Licensing helped us immensely in compliance assessment and subsequent HUGE cost savings in Oracle licenses. One of the expensive mistakes that most Oracle end-users make is not engaging expert consultants like Sibaji for Oracle License and Contract negotiations upfront and also later at the compliance assessment level.

— Oracle DBA and Middleware Lead (Global Retail Chain – UK)