E-Business Suite Compliance

Oracle E-Business Suite Review

The Risk and Cost of Non-Compliance

For many Oracle customers under the scanner, Oracle E-Business Suite is observed to be the most widely used and abused (read “non-compliant”) product. A typical Oracle EBS customer can easily be non-compliant to the tune of $$ Millions from one or more of the following reasons:

  • Non-standard customizations over prolonged un-monitored usage.
  • Over-usage of specific licensed modules – not detected because complex responsibilities allocation.
  • Over-deployment of specific licenses, users have unintended access to extra licenses.
  • Wrong expectations over usage calculation – due to license metrics complexity.
  • Active usage of unlicensed installations.

Oracle E-Business Suite Review

How We Can Help

As part of an Oracle E-Business Suite Review service, here are the steps that we undertake to help you fully assess the level of risk and cost of potential non-compliance:


  • Oracle EBS standard data collection, including users, modules, responsibilities, login data over a specific period of time.
  • Besides user data that is collected from specific FND tables, specialist SQL scripts are run to measure usage-based metrics (e.g. order lines).
  • The usage data is collected from all relevant Oracle EBS environments, checked for accuracy, analysed across multiple instances and consolidated to ensure that users are counted once per each license.
  • Our EBS analysis tool will pull local data directly (JDBC access), data is retained and handled in-memory and not distributed over the network or using interactive access to other systems/databases.
  • The processed data is loaded on a secured local machine and report is produced in-house.


  • The Oracle EBS licenses are added into the program and the corresponding modules/responsibilities/users.
  • Dependencies are considered and added between EBS licenses (especially in a restricted-use scenario).
  • The counting of the Oracle EBS licenses is done per each license dynamically, during the allocation and mapping process, for distinct users.
  • The allocation of modules and responsibilities to Oracle EBS licenses is accomplished per knowledge base of the user with contractual and support agreements, and in accordance with Oracle licensing best practices.


  • Counting process will be repeated after data clean-up, to match management expectations.

Oracle E-Business Suite Review

Why Konnagar ?

Based on our years of experience in the Oracle licence compliance space, Konnagar offers specialist Oracle E-Business Suite license compliance services, tailored to the needs of every individual customer, even for those who may be running out-of-date Oracle EBS products or historical license metrics. We offer guidelines on how to achieve compliance goals for Oracle E-Business Suite.

A compliance report is delivered, outlining the final baseline position for the overall Oracle E-Business Suite usage. Our Oracle E-Business Suite Compliance Program has successfully assisted companies in fully optimizing and utilising the Oracle estate, and also making large monetary savings that would have otherwise been paid out as non-compliance revenue in a formal Oracle audit.


Sibaji has excellent knowledge of Oracle’s licensing and is able to provide you with detailed recommendation on your Oracle estate. He is highly professional and easy to get on with. He is able to understand historic Oracle licensing metrics and recommend best possible ways to consolidate or utilise licenses. He works in a timely manner and produces a detailed output. Sibaji is able to provide advice on Oracle E-Business Suite licensing as well as rest of Oracle’s technical stack.

— Senior Oracle DBA (Multinational Professional Services Company – UK)