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About Konnagar

Konnagar, a specialist Oracle Licensing and ULA Advisory run by an ex-Senior Licensing Consultant of License Management Services (LMS – Oracle UK), was set-up on a 10-year experience stack of Oracle license engagements for over 150 end-customers globally. Based in the UK - Reading (England) and Edinburgh (Scotland) - we assist clients worldwide with complex Oracle environments get the maximum benefit from their investment in Oracle licenses. We are independent of any alliance with Oracle and to avoid any conflict-of-interest, we do not re-sell Oracle licenses.

We provide ‘independent’ advice and expert assistance on managing Oracle ULAs, defending Oracle Audits, Licensing Trainings, Commercial Negotiations and Contract Analysis, with the sole objective of helping clients realise the best value from their investment in Oracle licenses. Persisting with adequate license management makes our clients unattractive targets for an official Oracle license audit and also not losing out on value from an Oracle ULA. It is strongly advised that the Oracle customer should actively invest in a ‘independent’ Oracle license engagements, resulting in:

  • A) Improved budgeting and informed decision-making
  • B) Optimal license allocation and utilization
  • C) Mitigation of financial, operational & legal risks
  • D) Understanding your Oracle license rights & restrictions
  • E) Planning and budgeting more accurately for projects

Why Konnagar ?

100% Independent

Unlike most companies offering services related to Oracle License Management, Konnagar does not re-sell Oracle licenses to avoid built-in conflict of interest. When we find potential Oracle license compliance issues, we work with our clients to exhaust every option towards diligently resolving the licensing issue(s) before they pay Oracle (or a reseller) for license purchase, if any.

100% Oracle Focus

Konnagar is exclusively focussed on Oracle as a vendor, towards providing license compliance and advisory services for the end-customers. Unlike others, we are not a "generalist" software licensing or SAM company, and we utilise our specialist knowledge and experience on Oracle License Management to the best benefit of the customer. This is particularly helpful as Oracle Licensing can be highly complex and Oracle's business approach is different from other software vendors.


Director and Oracle Licensing Specialist

Phone: +44 (0) 776 017 1216

Email: sibaji@konnagar.com

About the Founder

Sibaji is the founder of Konnagar, and is single-minded about providing "effective" Oracle License Management expertise to Oracle customers and partners worldwide through license audits, reviews, optimisation, negotiation and contracts. Before Sibaji started Konnagar in 2012, he was the Senior Licensing Consultant with Oracle LMS (License Management Services) in the UK for 7 years.

Based on his overall 10+ years of dedicated experience on Oracle License Management through working with over 150 clients in the UK and beyond, Sibaji helps his clients manage their "official" Oracle audit, optimize their Oracle license usage & processes, and also negotiate more favourable software license agreements that help with lowering cost and reducing risk from their investment in Oracle licenses.